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Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) More »

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) More »

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) More »

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo.Casa | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) More »



Who we are

We are SEO experts. We have extensive experience with many and varied projects in the field of optimization and we have excellent results in the optimization of web pages for better placement in search PC (SEO)

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The word SEO is an abbreviation of the English expression SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or optimizing websites for search engine optimization, which in some cases is associated with production of a completely new site, which has everything you need to “quoted” well in Internet.

What is optimized for search engines?


It is use for optimization website or a part of it. Powered whole set of required and not so required things to make the site to have the opportunity to go to a top position in the list of search engines.  For example Google search for a word or phrase called the Internet – Keyword / phrase. If your site is well optimized and comes to the top of the page, and why not in the first position when searching from a given keyword.  There is a huge probability that users will visit your site. This will not happen if your site comes in second or third page. If you your site is positioned after the third page – forget visiting!

No matter how nice site you have or how many money is taken for making it – if users do not find it easy, the website will not have any sense. It’s like to open a shop 20 km from the nearest town and to have only one dirt road to there.

Exactly how to optimize?


Optimization is a complex process. No one can say exactly how many time you need because optimization begins with certain steps that most “Optimizer” think they are unique, but still usually 3-6 months you need and sometimes take years to see the effect of the work. This is a process in which the CEO company or agency has a permanent commitment. It is very specifically what is the type of the site and how it was designed and built before. SEO itself is divided into two types – internal and external.

SEO optimization using social media

What we can say at this stage for social media and optimize them is that it’s really at very good level and it can be seen clearly in the social network. The fact is that social networking is constantly increasing in number, but also the fact that not at all meet consumers’ expectations in a number of areas and it continually innovate and improve their apps.


Competition is really huge, and that is because of constantly rising consumer criteria. Well, here is the moment to say that the criteria of consumers has emerged and this social network, simplified to the maximum, made with great design offering extremely diverse information, which in turn is divided into several distinct sectors to facilitate consumers. Indeed, the benefits of this social network are many, but in the last few weeks, improvements are seen more clearly, especially related ways of communicating and sharing. What you need to know is that it is closely specialized expertise to people who want to develop their business ideas. From personal experience I can say that the use of the network is very beneficial, and for a short time you can find something different and interesting many interesting tips on seo optimization, which give you a good results for your blog or personal site. Everything here is very dynamic and constantly meet you with a number of innovations that will help you become even better, to know what is most appropriate for you, and how to become better in performance on the market.

WordPress is one of the most popular and most used blogging platforms in the world. She have the trust of customers with her beautiful design and the ease way  for manages. Moreover, consumers using WordPress, can choose among a number of useful plugins to install on your blog, to make it unique. Let’s see the most popular and useful SEO plugins for WordPress.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is one of the most common used SEO plugins for WordPress. Most bloggers who are interested in SEO use it because it has many features. If we need to say briefly what this plugin do – helps you write better, especially for search engines. While writing, you can see how it will look your post pages search engine results, if the title is too long or short, and whether description sounds meaningful to search engines. The plugin allows you to do many other things that have to discover yourself.

All-In-One SEO – This plugin is quite similar to WordPress SEO by Yoast and was downloaded over 13 million times. The main difference with the first plug-in is that this is simpler. Many people find it much easier to use. All-In-One SEO is more for beginners. If you install this plugin, keep in mind that you’ll probably have to install other if you need more features while with WP SEO by Yoast is not necessary.


WP Super Cache – This is one of the plugins that dramatically reduce the time for which your site loads. Most users would come out of a site, if they have to wait 5 or more seconds to see it. That’s why reduce the time that your load is of great importance. This plugin makes the cached HTML version of your site and shows it to visitors. No difference except for the load speed



UppSite – This plugin is not directly related to SEO, but helps you create HTML5 version of the site, turning it into a good looking blog for any mobile device and any mobile browser. In a world where more and more people use their mobile devices to surf in internet, it is very important your website always to look good.



Schema Creator – Google and other search engines have created a standard for structured data called This plugin will help you to work with this standard that not all users understand easily. Definitely would you facilitate maximum and will help keep you one step ahead of everyone else who ignore standard for structured data.

These are just some of the most useful SEO plugins for WordPress. There are many others that you can find for yourself. If one of these plugins do not like you or you find it difficult to use, you can look for others. You will surely find.


that it is the most important part in raising the optimized website ranking on search engines, particularly Google, in desirable keywords. Link building is the so-called external site optimization and called with a simple words, it is receiving links to your pages from other sites.Links building is a necessary part of the process of SEO optimization of the blog. It may even insist

For Searching links to your blog note this criteria:

Topic of the page – Must be closer to the subject of your blog

Articles directories are places where many people post to gain free link to your site. Almost all directories are the same. If any of you decided to address the different articles will see where lie the differences, namely in most article directories have the right to publish only one outgoing link from each article, in the best case to 2 connections article minimum length of each article at least 300 words, the content must be 100% unique. All these things you can read in general terms on the sites. Another important thing that occurs to few places and only in quality article directories is that less than half of them are regularly published articles that are purely informational purpose. They will not contain any links for articles enjoy unique content without being a source of links to external sites, which is not irrelevant. For each author of the article that published in such directories is nice to submit his paper after it published. So it will be indexed faster by search engines and will not be necessary to wait too long to be reported link in it. Among other things, the comments in the article directories are not allowed. This is for protection from spam. You will surely get eternal link, of course if your articles meet the requirements of the directory. These requirements apply to all who publish articles, including administrators and moderators here there will be articles shorter than 300 words.


Not everyone is aware of the tools and innovations that internet offer that why you have to know that the relationship between SEO optimization and articles is really big, because articles are a very important part of improvements to the site, they give information which is closely related to the theme of the site and using the links, you can very easily find what you need.


Here is the moment to say that if your site does not appear in a search engine, the problem is SEO optimization and must be very careful when you make a website and refine every single thing in his optimization, mostly in the interior.

In this regard you may missed to put a very important tools that you should put even as you done that site.

As it looks it is easier to make a good site suddenly becomes quite difficult, so talk to someone who understands or read a little more in the net on this topic.

Important for internal optimization is to put thematically related articles integrity of your site Links to other sites and social networks have to be right chose. Be precise, because it depends on how you develop your site and what position will be quoted in search engines, which in turn is essential for your development and taking new customers and new revenues.

Each of us know that if you want to have a quality and successful site, you must make it really good and easy to find, because users don’t have a time and would not look something that is not good structured.

Be creative and remember to follow the rules of the game because this is the only way to win.

Link building is the process of building a thematic network of links. This process is a creation of articles and insertion of links (links from one site to another) of the articles to the optimized website. Apart from articles such links can be added in all parts of the site – header, footer, left and right sidebar. What is the purpose of Link building process?

Search engines (we will look in Google) filter the information. They find links to your site and through text of the link understand what is the theme of this site. That’s the way that Link building provides the necessary links to position your website in top positions at Google.


In the process of building of this network of links you must take on mind  many things, such as:


The links should be placed in thematic sites

     The Links must be from  articles with rated content

     It is essential to diversify the text of the link

     We need to to place links to internal pages of the site


These are just some of the things that need to be taken from mind. Among other things, the links should be added gradually and continuously. On this way you will ensure high positions in search engines and you’ll enjoy a “strong” website, which is on the top of the pages.


Link building services are a small part of the process of SEO optimization, which is one of the most important service today. All holding company or corporate business interested in its presence on the Internet and this is why they are looking for SEO services. That network of links and its construction are also known as external optimization. To be launched this optimization must be performed internal optimization. It refers to the structure, navigation, tags and content of a website and good internal SEO ensures high performance for Link Building.

LinkBuilding for sites in English


Over the past two years building relationships become increasingly difficult. Links from forum profiles, comments, duplicate content can only harm your site. If before there was an effect from them, then after Google Panda now is very dangerous to use them.


Ho are the safest and qualitative methods?


It is no longer enough  just one website development and to wait for connections to come.


Use reputable sites for press releases  – I highly recommend the services of and Links from these sites are a good start for presenting your business and acquiring links from authoritative sites.

Thematic directories – you don’t need to add web site in each directory you find. Try to look for thematic directories.


Social networks – Dofollow, Nofollow if you have not yet understood Google is not interested in these two tag. The only thing that matters is the links from authoritative and closer to your subject sites. The Google monitor how many people have “liked” your page and definitely lends weight to your site. In the future, “Social Signals” will be an increasingly important factor in the ranking of your website.


Video presentation on Youtube, Vimeo and others. You will easily find someone in Fiverr, which will make you a good promotional video for $ 5.


It’s nice to find a few thematical blog to publish an article on your website. Look for blogs that are similar in theme to your business and ask authors to publish custom post. The easiest way to find similar blogs e via Google search. Write “Guest Posts” “keyword”. In place of “keyword” Put yours.


This is for now.


I hope this article has been helpful.


Very often you can find different commercial for SEO. Banners, pop-ups, ads in social networks, even on television talk about search engine optimization. But what is it? What is SEO and what can help us? The following article is dedicated to the identification of the most basic things about the subject.



First SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Let’s start from the beginning of where everything starts.

People are looking for anything that interests them on the Internet. There they seek information through search engines. Search engines are Google, Bing, Yandex and others. Let’s look at Google. Google search in the web via bots that collects information about everything they finds – publications, websites, pages, etc. Whenever information is available it enters in Google database and periodically web robots search for this information  and check If it`s updated or removed, etc.

So if you have a website when Google founds it search engine will be able to classify it according to specific criteria. To be seen in the first places of the results your web site needs SEO optimization. That Optimization covers two main aspects – internal optimization and site architecture at all and the second outer optimization, which is core to putting a website at the forefront to Google.

The purpose of that one website to be on the first place it is to be seen immediately by those who seek a particular “thing” on the Internet. Additionally, sites which occupy leading positions enjoy much greater authority than others. When you order services for SEO optimization you invest in the development of your business, because in Internet people have started to spend much of their time and there they searching for information on a particular subject (whether looking for information about weather, news, sports, products or services).



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